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Sirca International SpA was founded in the late seventies, and started doing business as a manufacturer of complete automation and pneumatic regulation systems.
Our flagship product is rotating pneumatic quarter-turn actuators which are compact, lightweight and highly reliable. Subsequently, our company entered the Italian market with the production and sale of rubber-seated butterfly valves, double eccentric butterfly valves, ball valves and check valves.
In time at Sirca International we began marketing and producing accessories to actuate, control and regulate valves. These were installed on our own valves and actuators in order to offer our customers complete “assemblies” that are capable of meeting the most varied system requirements.
Beginning in the 1990s, our company began looking at foreign markets and in a short time we started exporting more than 60% of our production.
This type of market development requires continuous product innovation as well as continuous effort to maintain product competitiveness and quality.
With this motivation and these objectives, with the arrival of the new millenium we at Sirca International began designing and producing the triple eccentric butterfly valve metal-seated that are currently top of the range of the valves produced at Sirca.
The main strong points of Sirca International SpA lie in our product quality, competitive price, large warehouse stocks and in the reliability of our services. These confirm our status as a Leading Company on the national and international markets.

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Accuracy in producing valve and pneumatic actuator components is fundamental. And it is for this reason that at Sirca International we have a large stock of top-of-the-range CNC machines with CAD-CAM technology. Amongst the machine tools we use are automatic saws, twin-spindle lathes, with double/triple tower and horizontal machining centres.
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