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Sirca International S.p.A. quality policy

Certified by TÜV

SIRCA INTERNATIONAL S.P.A. understood that a quality policy aligned to the Organization’s objectives must be stra-tegically oriented toward satisfying the applicable contractual and binding requirements and customer satisfaction, in addition to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, in order to supply products in full compliance with the sector requirements. With this in mind, the quality policy represents the professional commitment around which the entire Organization revolves, from managerial to operational levels, to guarantee the pursuit of the objectives expressed in the policy, those defined in the process policies, and those identified during the periodic review.

The Management also underlines that it’s important:

– that customers’ needs and expectations are systematically defined and translated into requirements;

– that these requirements are met, through a precise application of the Quality Management System and a constant commitment to Quality Management in research in every sector of the company organization, in order to achieve customer satisfaction;

– to consider the supply to the customer not only as the release of a product, but also as a service based on the ready availability of information, to resolve any doubt, need, request for information or clarification regarding the ser-vice and its application.

It is the company’s belief that such a quality policy brings enough concrete benefits to the company and customers to satisfy both.

The Management, in reference to the company’s quality policy, has also identified the following qualifying points which constitute general objectives of the Quality Management System:

– maintaining a corporate Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard;

– adopting an integrated risk management system, in order to ensure that for all manufactured products the residual risk is minimized, setting up a risk management policy in proportion to the various product hazards;

– following all the provisions regarding the application of the PED directive and the ATEX directive applicable to SIRCA INTERNATIONAL S.P.A. products;

– maintaining the IEC 61508 (SIL) certification for our main products by an accredited body;

– maintaining a position among the leaders of the domestic and foreign market in the sector of pneumatic valves and actuators;

– achieving and maintaining, through the appropriate training activities, an adequate level of staff competence, intended as the ability to deal with the company’s technical and management problems without improvisation (know-how) and in line with customer expectations, ensuring correct internal communication on Quality issues, aimed at stim-ulating the involvement of staff at all levels;

– drawing inspiration from the principles of ethical finance in the management of economic-financial relations with stakeholders and the company’s people;

– maintaining an adequate level of punctuality, through personal professional diligence and careful planning of activities in order to meet the delivery deadlines agreed with the customer while maintaining the defined quality levels;

– obtaining a continuous improvement of the services and processes, in particular when it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the production process, a continuous improvement of the performance of the entire company management system and a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction;

– keeping the attention to the principles of environmental sustainability high;

– obtaining an improvement of the services and processes through the adoption of the latest-generation business man-agement systems.

To achieve these general objectives, specific detailed goals are formulated for each function and significant level of our organization, supported where possible also by numerical parameters subject to monitoring, which are defined, checked, and systematically updated during the Quality Management System Reviews by the Management.

In order to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented, and supported at all levels of the company, the Management requires that it be posted in the corporate workplaces and presented to the managers of the various functions.

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